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Welcome to Zigville where Education, Technology & Entertainment meets to create L.I.F.E. (Learning In Fun Environments). Mr. Hope, The Zig-A-Palz, The Hope Family, and our special friends are working hard daily to produce new content. Our content is 100% educational-based.

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EARLY 2023


ZNDN is the first company to offer a combined digital network with: Movies, TV shows, Cartoons, Games, Apps, Music, Video, Live Streams, Downloads and other digital contents thats on all major platforms.
Also producing a smart box, that is 5 devices in 1.

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Welcome To Zigsville

Exclusive Branded Product Line

Gaming headsets, Gaming controllers, AR gaming app, AR puzzles, Cellular Service, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Parental Device Control Apps, 4G GPS Smartwatches, Digital Downloads, Mobile Caster, Virtual/Augmented Reality Apps and so much more!

Tech Training Center

Zigs Nation Digital Network has proudly announced that it has launched Zig-A-Tech XR, an all-new Non-Profit Organization for youth and teens dealing with information technology.

Rated #1 For Kids In Tech

The latest recognition comes from the I.T.M. magazine, which has rated ZIGSVILLE as the #1 startup tech venture for children for the year 2021
Zigsville.info is the safest educational fun place in all of the cyberspace for kids.

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