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The Use of Technology in Early Childhood Classrooms

When thinking about the use of digital technology in early childhood education computers often arise as the key type of technology.  However, the ZAPZ SMART BOX open up access to more tools/contents. Using The SMART BOX,  in daycare’s/preschool activities, can be used as a very effective tool for learning. This device was designed with early learners and their teaches in mind. The content is in 2D/3D formats.

Education and health are two inseparable aspects of a  child’s well being.

Hospitalization is always a traumatic event for children, in which white coats are unknown figures, perceived all the more threatening the younger the child: a threat to one’s integrity, loss of autonomy, distorted perception of time, loss of confidence, and a sense of abandonment.

While in the hospital long term the child is missing their EDUCATIONAL TREATMENT, with the ZAPZ SMART BOX, the child can now attend school virtually or work 1 on 1 with a virtual tutor.

ZAPZ SMART BOX makes it is possible to support the child and his or her family during hospitalization,  and to prevent consequences such as school failure and dropout.

* Businesses that services kids, this would be a great device to have in the Waiting Rooms, Lobby’s or Public areas where children are at waiting to be serviced or their parents. 
* The ZAPZ SMART BOX comes preloaded with EXCLUSIVE EDUCATIONAL CONTENT for all ages. And we’re always working with certified teacher’s to produce new content on going. We are the only company to produce such tool.

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